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In Studio Performance

Monday classes - 17th June

Tuesday Classes - 18th June

Wednesday Classes - 19th June

4.30 - 5.30 pm

Students to wear drama black

No brands - Props Members T-shirts are welcome!

This is a free event for family and friends to see their children perform.

Waiting Room

Available for use before and after class for students and parents. Please ensure your students wait in this area for pick up and drop off to ensure supervision and safety is taken care of.

Term 2

23rd of April - 28th June

Public Holidays

Easter Monday 22nd of April

See to the left - Term Dates and Fees for more info.


I Have Questions?

03.06.2019 - Class Cancelled

This is due to staff sickness

A catch up class is offered 04.06 or 11.06

AND Monday classes will be running on 10.06 Queens Birthday to ensure students are prepared for In Studio Performance the following week.

THANK YOU for understanding!


Alise AmArant

Sarah Sinapius - T

Lucy Grimes - M

Olivia Jacobs - W

Lucy is a new member to the team who will be training with Alise to best cover classes for maternity leave in Term 3.



Stage Three

Bell Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing

Ulumbarra Theatre

August 3rd - 8 pm

If you would like a discussion on the progress of your child in drama classes if unable to catch their teacher before or after class please email Alise


Alise's house is currently undergoing renovations and there is no regular phone access for the month of June.

Please Email Alise

Due to classes not running on a public holiday or cancellation we like to offer the students a chance to attend professional theatre shows in Bendigo. If your student attend these classes the cost of these Spacial Events are covered within your fee structure.

Special Events are offered to all PT students at a discounted price. Sign up Sheets available at venue for correct ticket purchase - added to Term 3 invoice or paid on order

The events area attended by all Props Staff and we treat them as PT excursions which have a great benefit to the students theatre learning and social aspects of drama classes.