In Theatre Performance - Stage Two - Bendigo - 2017

In Theatre Performance - Stage Two - Bendigo - 2017

A Dramatic Operation

Term 1 and 3 are designed to develop confidence, self-esteem and positive group working skills within each drama activity.

Term 2 is preparing a parent presentation of short scripts and voice choir sections for our In Studio Performance.

Term 4 is when every class is involved in a scripted play to perform within a major theatre at the end of the year. 

Our program operates each term following the public school terms.

Enrolments are accepted for the current term within the first 4 weeks of each term.

You are welcome to enrol for the proceeding term at any stage. 

Class Numbers are limited to 17 students per class.

If a class is at capacity there are waiting lists available and you will be notified when a place is available or a new class time has been opened for your consideration. 

Please refer our Terms & Conditions of Enrolment & Commonly Asked Questions


Do you offer Trial Lessons?

To all families an offer of $40 deposit per child will cover classes for two weeks – There is no obligation to continue.

We recommend two classes to give the best impression of our routine activities and to establish social connections within the class so the student feels welcome, accepted and secure in their new space.

If your child wishes to continue with Props Theatre the remaining term fees are due by the end of the enrolled month.  

Invoices are emailed and Reminder Text Messages for communication.