Celebrating the Creatives behind the Performances

Props Theatre performs twice a year - With our next In Studio Performance approaching for our Bendigo and Mildura Studio in June 2019. Our mid year performance is about the students gaining confidence in front of an audience but also an understanding of the small factors that create a professional performance.

The importance of rehearing so everyone feels included, prepared and ready to grace the stage.

The understanding that everyone has nerves and that it is with our support that some students have the courage to step on stage for the first time, second time or eighth time - each time should be celebrated.

The professional elements of waiting politely, dressing the part in drama black, being a good audience member, supporting those who are on and off stage, respecting props and property and being grateful to parents and teachers for the opportunity to have acting classes and a chance to perform.

In 2018 Alise made the choice to have Justin&Jim Photography follow her and her team about the Capital Theatre to best celebrate the creatives behind the action on stage. The directors, sound and lighting designers, backstage hands, stage managers and technicians that keep the show running and safe for the actors. The photos we got were inspiring for the students who adore the stage but don’t always want to be out the front or under the lights. The story they told were of the craft of what makes a performance.

Our performances are only possible due to our hard working team of creatives and the collaboration of many minds working towards the main goal of a great show celebrating all aspects of theatre.