Acting Workshops - OzLinkTalent

It is amazing who Alise gets at the end of her phone and Amanda was a welcome surprise! 

Now with Props Theatre support OzLinkTalent Agency is coming to Bendigo for 1 big day of Auditions and Acting & Singing Workshops. Saturday July 18th is one for the family schedule.

The auditions are presented as a group setting with 10 participants (and their parents) in the room for the process. "I am always hearing about how fun our process is and especially the parents like to be the observers and see the preparation, performance and feedback for each individual child." 

As a bonus - Props Theatre students get a discount! So for $20 for a 1.30 - 2.30 pm workshop  - Acting with the second workshop on singing to follow you can grab both sessions for $40! 

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