Term 3 - Lets start with a song!

Term 3 for our Props Theatre families all over Bendigo and Mildura kick off this Monday with many an eager face at our doors. 

I always hear from the kids the joy of holidays. The time spent doing what they want to do, or family trips so time spent with their parents, siblings and extended family. Then I see the relief of the parent's faces when they drop their treasured offspring off at school on the first day back. We all love the holidays as a chance to do something different, challenge yourself to the project you have been putting off or relax and chill with the family - everyone has their own aspirations for this time in their lives. So well done to the parents, carers and family who have made something of this time for the little ones in our lives.

The days are long but the years are quick. 

Our Tuesday, View Street Studio, classes are in for a treat for their Week One classes being invited to see Arena Theatre Company Production of ROBOT SONG - Engine Room on the 17th of July. 

All 60 of our Tuesday students will enjoy the 55 minute production, written for 9 - 12 years old but relevant to all and have the honour of a Q & A with actors and director afterwards for an exclusive look behind the scenes of this great piece of original work. Props Theatre encourages and supports original work (as we are all original work too) in regional areas so a partnership with Area Theatre is a match made in heaven. A fantastic way to kick our Term 3 off - With a Song!

OH! It's on!.png