In Studio Performance - 3 studios take to the stage!

June brings with it the cold weather, wet days and certain nerves in our stomachs before we grace the stage with Props Theatre. 

For many of our students this is the 3rd or 4th time they have taken to the stage while others it is their very first time. The In Studio Performances are a collection of script work, verbal dynamics and whole class ensemble pieces from all students aged 5 - 16. 

View Street - Bendigo Trades Hall presented over 3 evenings for family and friends and able to show off our new theatre curtains on our lovely little stage. While the cold crept in we could still hear the giggles, see the creating souls on stage as they presented their characters and worked together on stage. 

Eighth Street - Mildura Brass Band Hall was next with Alise, our director, travelling to Mildura to support Pam and her students in the Stage one performance. This was the first time these students had presented to a group of people and we were extremely proud! Pam spoke with passion and care about getting to know her students and how honoured she is to teach them each week and see them develop. Stage Two has presented on Monday to their biggest fans and while everyone had some first stage nerves the students were happy with their efforts when it came time to bow. Pam is a proud drama teacher. 

Crook Street - Bendigo Community Hub with Olivia presented a mix of Stage One and Stage Two scripts, with a great performance of One Fish, Two Fish - Dr Seuss by the Stage One students using coloured gloves. With many a supporter fitting into our small classroom Olivia and Alise underestimated the support for this small but loved group. Blown away by every students projection level and confidence on stage Olivia was thrilled to present her students in her first Props Theatre performance. 

Our In Studio Performances are created with confidence in mind for these students. To stand in front of 20 - 60 people and recite lines, display a character or act in a play is nerve racking so this is why we perform our June performances in their studio space. Our spaces are safe, welcoming and belong to the students just as much as the teachers. Of course what we see in class doesn't always come out on the stage but we are all thrilled when the students stand and deliver. We always leave 10% of our expectations to be surprised! It might be the quiet student uses their nerves for good and steps up their role, or the drama king or queen gets a little quiet. All of our students are supported by their teacher and each other no matter what happens on stage. We also have students who love our classes, excel every week but are not ready for the stage. We never force anyone to perform and as a class we support all level of creativity and developing their self esteem at the pace they need. 

Thank you to the family and friends who came to support our students and Props Theatre. 

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