Ready Set DRAMA!

Good to have a break as we get busy writing, creating and learning with Props Theatre! 

Term 2 is coming at you from 3 different angles with the opening of a new studio in Crook Street, Strathdale! We are so excited to announce that Olivia Jacobs gets her very own studio with students already lining up at the door for classes to begin for Term 2. Please see our Program Timetable if you want to get involved. '

During the school holidays, Olivia was sent to NIDA to complete a short course in Writing for the Stage, to aide us all within Props to construct up to date script pieces for our students. Of course Alise and Olivia are always brainstorming the great ideas for our In Theatre Performance at the Capital Theatre. Props Theatre values our staff learning continuously for the benefit of our students and ourselves as professionals in the Performance Arts field. Later this term Sarah, Olivia and Alise will be off to work with Drama Victoria as a part of their Teacher as an Artist program. 

With Olivia's new venture also came a new opening within our Staffing as a Teacher Assistant so we scoured the Bendigo talent and are thrilled to further announce Daniel Soncin will be joining our team! Daniel finished his year 12 studies in 2016, he has featured in the BTC Pantomime, 2018 Tenx10 season and just finished Props Coordinator on the set of Wyrd Sisters. NOW on to Props! Daniel shares in our passion of how enriching drama studies can be for students of any age and the joys of developing characters through improvisation, physical comedy and script work. Thrilled to have you aboard our pirate ship!

Alise has spent a week of creating, giggling to herself and managing to put most on paper to construct our great curriculum that will lead us to our In Studio Performances in all 3 studios. Pam is nervous but looking forward to putting her students on show for the first time! 

Hope our family enjoyed their two week break and eager to see our drama stars again! 

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