And we are off! 

Week 1 for all of our stages was full of returning faces and a few news ones! 

We had Pam, from our Mildura base, visiting for training, and Pam was blown away by the new students ability to just slot right in. They might of walked in nervous or directly but each and every one left with a smile on their face - and a new Props Theatre Pin! 

To our returning students, thank you to those who were drama buddies and made the classroom a vibrant space from the start. I was personally dwarfed.. literally by the Stage Three students. Some of these students have graduated this year to Stage Three so after a long holiday break I see these children walk into my classroom now young adults as they stretch to teenagers. Stage Three adored taking on "Jane and the Monster" for our script work. 

Welcome to all our drama families  - we have a world of wonder ahead of us! 

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