Term 1 Here We Come!

Props Theatre is a new and exciting venture for our director, Alise Amarant 

While in the industry for over 7 years a time came when she had to bundle up her skills and ask who can best use all of this? Turns out it was the drama industry and the students of Bendigo and Mildura. Alise acts as the director of the company but also the classroom teacher, graphics designers, website and software manager and marketing officer. If it was not for her fellow teachers; Olivia, Ainslie, Paige and Sarah and support from other creatives in Bendigo Alise would not be standing let along creating such big ideas!

As with all small businesses Alise has had to take on the roles herself to be cost effective but also to keep the soul of the company in focus. Alise has worked hard to do research in the many feilds and extend her skills, as well as recognise when it is not a strength and delegate out. This is how Props Theatre has welcomed Justin Castles to the small team to be our Photographer for our bi annual Head Shot sessions and performances alike. 

Justin is excited to work with so many students at once and get all the different characters out of them for great photography. Props Theatre presents these sessions to the students as a chance to model, experience camera life and create a lasting memory of their drama time. Our classes are fast paced with a whirlwind of many things at once so to stand, focus and create a snapshot of their personality is a lasting experience. 

AJTaylor Images will be a special guest to our team when he films our In Theatre Performance at the Capital in December. 

Term 1 is full of new plays, great comedy skits and some scenes from the television and movie world to stretch the students performance skills in the various directions of media. Our voice work will also be guided by radio and voice acting, an esteemed art form. 

Term 1 starts with very eager 106 students and with 2 classes booked out and 2 more on the verge we look to February 5th with great anticipation of what Alise will bring to the table when she is truly representing herself and carving out her career in drama education.