An Evening In - Over & Out!

N18Engine was the first venture by Props Theatre to present a collaborative effort of Bendigo talent from Singing, Musical Theatre & Acting.

Props Theatre presented two pieces, Inner Child written by Bendigo writer Kerry Turpie and an adapted piece called Freak Show. Our young performers took on strong characters, intriguing stories and the art of rehearsals versus improvisation as they developed their ensemble pieces for performance. With beautiful performances from The McMillan Sisters, Kristie Woodward Singing and Alex Frank Singers presenting upbeat numbers to inspire the crowd to deep moving musical theatre pieces, this night was very much enjoyed by all.

From the esteemed positive response from this evening, it certainly will not be the last! Props Theatre aims to establish An Evening In as an annual event for all Bendigo talent, and will be calling for submissions in June 2018. 

The event was catered by Harvest Food & Wine, another Bendigo talent of the culinary field.