In Studio Performance 2019

Our Props Theatre Family had a chance to share with the camera the joys of being involved with Props Theatre - Bendigo and Mildura Studios.

At our In Studio Performance the students perform a selected on small scripts and verbal dynamics for family and friends - for some it is their first taste of the stage, for others its their 10th but each year is different and shows different strengths for each performer.

Thank you to the parents who were brave on camera and spoke so well - your support is appreciated!

Backstage with Props Theatre - Justin and Jim Photography

We have two episodes for our watching fans!

2019 we are focusing on the creatives we work with to create a full, engaging program and amazing performances for our Props Theatre students.

Justin joins us from Justin and Jim Photography to talk about his experiences, why he loves working with props and the value of Head Shot day for our students in drama but also the outside world.

Then it’s the kids turn to share their learning and bloopers - what else happens when you give kids a camera!

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A fantastic resource for parents and teachers is the Bendigo Weekly Educational Weekly

Props Theatre is a progressive drama education program based right here in Bendigo with two studios – View Street and Crook Street. Props Theatre offers after school classes for students aged 5 – 16 years. “The confidence we see grow in the students as they work with us is inspiring as all the students have such different interests and backgrounds. Not all students want to be actors when they grow up but they love the creativity of making stories, finding and training their voices and meeting friends from other schools.” Alise, Company Director and Teacher.


Props Theatre offers improvisation, short and long scripts, team building for the stage with an appreciation of theatre as students experience on stage roles and an understanding of backstage work. “We work on acting skills only because we have outstanding school productions and other companies in Bendigo doing musicals so we wanted to tailor our learning towards what the students who can’t sing, dance, or want to grow the other skills involved in musicals. We also bring in industry professionals for photography, videography and the technical aspects of our end of year shows. This is all to give students industry relevant experiences and to celebrate all the creative work, from various fields, that go into producing theatre.”

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Celebrating the Creatives behind the Performances

Props Theatre performs twice a year - With our next In Studio Performance approaching for our Bendigo and Mildura Studio in June 2019. Our mid year performance is about the students gaining confidence in front of an audience but also an understanding of the small factors that create a professional performance.

The importance of rehearing so everyone feels included, prepared and ready to grace the stage.

The understanding that everyone has nerves and that it is with our support that some students have the courage to step on stage for the first time, second time or eighth time - each time should be celebrated.

The professional elements of waiting politely, dressing the part in drama black, being a good audience member, supporting those who are on and off stage, respecting props and property and being grateful to parents and teachers for the opportunity to have acting classes and a chance to perform.

In 2018 Alise made the choice to have Justin&Jim Photography follow her and her team about the Capital Theatre to best celebrate the creatives behind the action on stage. The directors, sound and lighting designers, backstage hands, stage managers and technicians that keep the show running and safe for the actors. The photos we got were inspiring for the students who adore the stage but don’t always want to be out the front or under the lights. The story they told were of the craft of what makes a performance.

Our performances are only possible due to our hard working team of creatives and the collaboration of many minds working towards the main goal of a great show celebrating all aspects of theatre.

Backstage Episode 3

We have students ranging from 6 months to 10 years in the program. Each student learns each year and develops the skills they need to create confidence in the world around them.

Some come for the fresh friend base, the acting skills, the plays, the speech skills and all come knowing what it means to be committed to a passion.

Backstage - Episode 2

Levels in the classroom

All actors need a foundation in how to use the space around them and how the stage is used to relate to the audience watching. Levels is the basic skill of creating a picture for the audience to direct their attention to a point in the story, character development or to present an ensemble group as individuals within the same context. All actors should be seen, “no blocking” and present their own reaction for the audience to relate too.


Launching our new video blog, web series and behind the scenes footage!

BACKSTAGE will feature interviews, insider tricks and tips and educational segments to inspire everyone to appreciate the art of drama and understand the many facets of what makes it work.

BACKSTAGE is Props Students interviewing other students to get some camera experience, interviewing techniques and sharing their drama knowledge and passion with the bigger world.

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