Results of our 2018 Survey

Suitable Class times

.Very well - 54% Extremely Well - 33%

This is valuable for our establishment of new classes and releasing new classes at all of our studios. We try to be mindful of the many activities on offer in our Bendigo and Mildura areas to ensure everyone who wants to attend can attend.

Quality Website

High quality - 66%

As this website is our main focus of communication to the outside world, and our parents with the Members Area we value this feedback immensely.

Our company director, Alise Amarant, designs and maintains our website through squarespace and in constantly keeping an eye out for improvements to the benefit of our families and students.

The survey showed our current members are accessing our Members area 10-12 times a term. With this in mind, Alise has expanded this area to include specific areas for each studio so the right information can be quickly accessed by the right people.

Value for Money


Payment Plans


Response to questions/ concerns


In Theatre Performance

Excellent - 40% Above Average - 30% Acceptable - 30%

Props Theatre is a drama education program which is made by years of experience, passion and new ideas which we constantly develop to be up to date and exciting for our students. The added events of class trips, inclusion to professional theatre companies like Arena Theatre and professional web series and photo shoots for all students, is all for the love of the craft and appreciation of what makes up a total project. All to help create full rounded performers and theatre lovers.

Paying per term - direct deposit - 30%

Happy with what I do now - 50 %

Great news! 80% of our customers are happy with what they do now!

Always happy to get feedback on how we operate to ensure we are suitable for families and their budgets

Extremely responsive - 36% Very responsive - 38%

This was a pleasing result as the well being of our students and their families are a top priority for every one one of our staff. Dealing with concerns is never the most positive part of our profession but one we take very seriously. One negative response from this survey we acted on immediately - a new telephone line and answering machine has been installed to ensure the phone calls are answered more promptly! While moving 80% of business contact online is great for the environment with less paper and “I can’t find the info…” there is nothing like a good chat to clear up concerns, questions or general queries about anything!

Interesting result this one…

June - 35% September - 35% December - 45%

And with each response to our survey - these result go up and down but stay roughly this! We are constantly aware of how busy everyone’s lives get around the holiday periods and then we add Christmas! This is why we schedule our In Theatre Performances early in December to allow enough rehearsal time, but also away from work break ups, end of school break ups, Carols etc. Sorry Girton - Seems you are on the same timetable as us!

2019 - Our In Studio performance will follow the 2018 schedule - that is the performances will happen during the week - in place of second last classes of Term 2 and our In Theatre performance is scheduled with the Capital Theatre for December 8th (These must be booked 12 months in advance) We will again run dress rehearsals the week before at the Capital theatre as this set up was met with great response from the students and the Capital staff.

We had some written feedback from our questions area of asking why we don’t do a Christmas break up for drama, or from the students, Christmas themed plays - Simply life is busy enough and most schools do Christmas themed activities or performances that we feel it has been covered.

Further Comments

THANK YOU! The overwhelming response to this survey and wonderful results give us guidance to where this company is headed and how best to suit our customers (parents) and clients (students).

The lovely comments of how well your children enjoy our classes, respond so well outside the classroom to new opportunities due to increased confidence and how wonderful you think our staff are gave us breath of hope and assurance that what we do is important to more than just us!

A few comments gave us pause and we will be putting into development such as;

A performance in which all students are involved across age levels - As we write our own plays this comes with ease and difficultly but certainly something we can act on.

More range of activities - YES! This year when writing our curriculum we wrote it everywhere to ensure we were reaching for more. We apply Learning Intentions to all lessons - what will the student walk away with? so 2019 brings a big focus on memorisation, theatre sports skills (improvisation), reflective practice and constructive feedback, adaptive processes for scripts, sound track art, meditation for character development and script writing. We are ready to have some fun!

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