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Term 3

Program A - $90

July 15th - August 15th

Program B - $90

August 20th - September 20th

Automatic enrolment from Program A to B

- Separate invoices will be issued.




Daniel returns to Props Theatre family to cover the Crook Street Classes as Olivia jet sets off to England for 3 weeks!

We look forward to her return but thrilled Daniel can join us!

I Have Questions?

If you would like a discussion on the progress of your child in drama classes if unable to catch their teacher before or after class please email Alise


In Theatre


December 8th

12.30 - 3 pm

Capital Theatre

Crook Street students perform with all Tuesday students from View Street.

Tickets on Sale October 7th

Adults $15

Kids $7

Students to wear drama black We supply all other costume pieces

A call out for child actors - ABC TV

FILMING - In Bendigo

Looking for - Children aged 9- 15 years

Contact or 0411 494 040 to discuss further.

In my discussions with Graeme I suggested an email response with a basic info sheet for interested kids!

See attached form - as you will notice it is nothing flash, it is not a resume but gives Graeme a little bit more information to go on when he gets called by everyone!

READ ON for all the info!

Graeme de Vallance is starting on a new TV Series for the ABC. “Are You Tougher than Your Ancestors?” it is a fun and immersive living history series that pits the skills of today’s kids against the exploits of children from Australia’s past, to find out how they measure up!

Fun and fast paced, the series takes today's kids on a wild ride back through time, where they learn as much about themselves as they do about history. Drawing from our rich indigenous and multicultural heritage, the series challenges stereotypes and allows our kids to experience the past in ways they never imagined. They wrestle with disgusting chores, master mind-bending challenges and perform incredible feats of ingenuity as they get down and dirty walking a mile in the shoes of our ancestors. At the end of each episode we find out whether they were up to the task… and what they discover might just surprise us all!

I am now in a position to find our child participants to take part in re-enacting the amazing story of Christina Ti from 1892

Looking for children aged 9-15 with a range of experience to take part in this unique experience.

We are open to children with all backgrounds and abilities.

Dai Gum San: Chinese Easter Festival

? Location: Bendigo, Victoria

Nine year old Cristina Ti performed in one of the most popular acts of the 1892

Bendigo Easter Festival, an incredible, gravity defying display of traditional Chinese

acrobatic techniques. She somersaulted on a high wire and dived through spinning

hoops. Can our two modern acrobats master her techniques and put on a show that

draws the crowds?

By the late 1800’s the Victorian Gold Rush was all but over. A strong Chinese

community had come to Australia to try their luck when the gold was flowing, and

when it dried up many of the Chinese settled in the Bendigo region, including

young Cristina.

Our modern acrobats will attempt to master Cristina’s acrobatic feats, based on

historical Chinese routines that only exist in the history books. Can our kids revive

these lost arts and pull off a solo performance?

A deep dive into a Chinese acrobatic tradition going back 2,000 years, our kids will

attempt feats of strength and daring that they never thought possible. Training with

our History Helper skilled in the art of Chinese acrobatics, our gymnasts will learn

tricks and movements they’ve never attempted before. They’ll have to experiment

with different styles until they decide on a routine, so tightrope walking, hoop

diving, pole climbing, somersaults and aerial leaps are all on the agenda.

Accompanied by spinning flags and cymbals, perfecting their routine will take a lot

of practice!

When our two modern acrobats are close to mastering their Chinese acrobatics,

they will be told that they also have to perform with a troupe (as opposed to solo) in

Wushu Kung Fu (martial arts moves not for fighting, but for performance). It’s one

thing to perform solo, but quite another to learn the martial arts choreography to

perform in a team.

Can our performers learn their Wushu Kung Fu performance moves for the troupe

performance, and perfect their routines for their own acrobatic show?