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When and where are the parades?

Torchlight Lantern Procession

When: Easter Saturday, April 20 2019

Time to Meet - 7 - 7.30 pm

Parade Starts at 8.00 pm

Where: The parade route follows View St, Pall Mall, McCrae St, and Bridge St

Gala Parade

When: Easter Sunday, April 21 2019

Time to Meet - 12 - 12.30 pm

Parade Starts at 1 pm

Where: The parade route follows View St, Pall Mall, McCrae St, and Bridge St

How Can I Sign Up?

All participants meet 30 minutes before the parade begins at our View Street Studio - 34 View Street Bendigo.

This is where we dress in costume, water, toilets are available and walk together to our awaiting parade entry at the car park behind the Capital Theatre.

Children aged under 10 years are required to ride on the float trailer and all others walk behind to wave and perform!

Everyone is welcome - a real family event so Mum Dad siblings and cousins are more than welcome!

We end our Parade at corner of BRIDGE STREET and WATER STREET for both parade in which parents are welcome to collect their children (this is easy if you walk with us - sign up too!) and we wait for 15 minutes - all remaining children are then walked back with Props Theatre staff to the View Street Studio for pick up.

If any children change their mind about being in the parade a Props Staff member will stay with them at the View Street Studio, they can watch the parade from there.

Some costumes are provided according to our

Theme - 2019 - Mr Men and Little Miss

Float -

Please dress in your own costume of your favourite Mr Men or Little Miss character


Walking - Provided by Props Theatre

Costumes constructed of Cardboard and are large / artistic pieces

- need to be worn up adults or older teenagers

Mr Strong

Mr Happy

Mr Funny

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Chatterbox

Little Miss Naughty

On the Float/ Truck will be water available for at the end of the parade

Easter Parade Sign Up Form

Can sign up 2 children at a time but fill in as many times as needed

1 - Participant's Name *
1 - Participant's Name
1 - Position in Float *
Asthma (as fire works are used at parades in other entries)
2 - Participants Name
2 - Participants Name
2 - Position in Float
Adult sign up
A great chance to get involved as a family in the Easter Parade and support your drama star! You can wear a costume or wear a props theatre black t shirt to add to our supervising staff! You will walk at the back of the parade with bright colourful umbrellas!

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